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Akshay Kumar’s brother-in-law to make debut in Bollywood, will be seen in this film

Akshay Kumar’s sister-in-law Karan Kapadia will soon be taking entry in Bollywood. Karan is son of Dimple Kapadia’s sister Simple Kapadia. Karan is 24 years old and he will be seen in the production of Tony D’Souza, next year. Akshay and Tony D’Souza worked together in the film ‘Blue’ (2009) and ‘Boss’ (2013).

Karan said that when he was 14, he told Dimple Kapadia and Akshay Kumar that they want to act. They were surprised to hear it because I was shy from childhood. But they supported me.

He explained to me that the journey ahead will not be easy. At that time I used to be fat I used to think that I just have to be thin and have movies. After that the difficulties will not come.

Karan has studied acting at Jeff Goldberg Studios in Mumbai. After that he also gave several Look Tests. They said, I gave the auditions. I was rejected. Some people told me that there is no spark in me. But many people said that I have talent in me. It was good that at the beginning of the career I got a Rejection.

Talking about the discussion on napotism in Bollywood, Karan said, “My family did not even call any producer. But one of the benefits of coming from a family like me is that you meet people whom can not meet common people.

Karan is currently focusing on his body for his debut film. D’souza said- Yes, we will make a film with Karan. But it’s too early to say anything. I have to produce a film but I am directing Capt Nawab. After that I will start this movie.

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