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Bigg Boss 11: Manu Punjabi and Sargun Mehta will be in the show


In ‘Bigg Boss 11’ one surprise after one is coming. The first news came that Priyank Sharma, who was released from the house due to the violence, will be the wild card entry and if reports are to be believed then “Big Boss 10” Contestant Manu Punjabi and Actress Sargun Mehta will also be coming to the show.

Indian Express received information from sources that both of them will be seen on this weekend, but you feel that they will go inside the house, so it is not at all. Actually, both panellists will come and give their opinion on the work and behavior of the households on weekends.

Sargun Mehta’s still from Bigg Boss 9

Manu will give his opinion as a contestsist, while the Sargun will talk about the behavior of the householders like the audience.

Talking to Priyank, according to reporters, he is back to Mumbai right now. It is being said that if Priyanka gets an entry in the Big Boss house then she can return to the house once she becomes a neighbor.

Priyank also jumped in the battle of Vikas and Akash last week and Priyank got angry and slapped the sky. Priyank was so angry that he gave the sky two slaps instead of one. According to Rule of the House of Big Boss house mauling is not even permissible. If reports were to be believed, Priyank’s action had been taken out of the show by the producers of the show.

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