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Kangna Ranaut on sexism nepotism, “sex is fun for a man, but crime for a woman”

Kangana Ranaut is the bold actress of Bollywood. She holds an open mind on every issue. Kangana is giving candid statement on sexism, feminism and napotism. Recently, Kangna has picked up the male dynaming issue spread over Bollywood in a show. She said that the Actresses in the film industry are underestimated by the male actors.

Kangana said in a bold manner, “In Bollywood, male and female actors are seen from a double perspective. Giving examples, Kangana said, there are some things that do not make any objection if these things doing a male actor and if any woman does the same thing, then the #HaayeTauba goes. A scope is limited between women and men.

Kangana said, sex is a pleasure for a man, while for women it is considered to be a crime. She said, this is the same Perception as in Glamor’s world. If son is casanova, then no one has any objection, while the daughter is stopped for wearing a bikini.

Recently, Kagana Ranaut’s movie Simran has been released. The film has earned Rs 10.65 crore in the first weekend. In this, Kangana plays a flirtatious and aggressive Gujarati girl. The film is directed by Hansal Mehta. However, in the early days, the film did not work as expected in the box office. Now we have to see how much the collection is done at the box office in the coming weeks.

Let’s say, Kangana is constantly in the news during the movie promotion. He made several disclosures about Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Pancholi and Sudan. For these explosive statements of Kangana, they also faced criticism of the people of the film industry.

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