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Movie Review: Sniff!!! | A Children’s Film With Heart And Charm

Ratings : 2.5/5 (two point 5 stars)

CAST:  Kushmeet Gill, Surekha Sikri, Manmeet Singh

DIRECTION:  Amole Gupte

GENRE :  Drama

DURATION: 1 hour 29 minutes

At little over one and a half hour, this isn’t a bad film for children to watch. However, this isn’t Stanley Ka Dabba or Hawaa Hawaai, so if you are not going to the theatre to accompany your kid, don’t venture out to watch this one.

Story :-

The film starts off with the introduction of the film’s protagonist Sunny Gill (Khushmeet Gill), who cannot smell anything because of his ‘defunct’ olfactory lobe. Despite visiting many doctors, there seems no solution in sight for the young boy. One day, a ‘chance miracle’ in his school’s old science laboratory, not just miraculously activates his olfactory lobes, but also helps him to sniff smells which are as far as 2 kilometers! One day, Sunny’s society and his neighbouring Parsi Society experience sudden thefts of their vehicles. The society members gather and try to come up with a solution, but, all of these yields zero results. That’s when Sunny Gill and his friends step in and come up with a ‘home-made’ and economical solution to catch the car thief. But, while doing so, Sunny gets taken away by the car thieves who plan to kill him as they fear that he might lead them to the police. What ultimately happens to Sunny Gill, do the car thieves kill him, does Sunny Gill outwit the thieves and escape from there, what happens to his extra active sense of smell is what forms the rest of the film.

star Performances :-

Khushmeet Gill – the little kid who plays Sunny Gill in the film – is flawless. His acting may stammer a little at times, but that definitely looked cute on the overall aspect of the film. The way in which he has handles complex situations is remarkable. Despite his young age, it’s really amazing to see the way he has surrendered himself to the script as well as the director and his vision. Besides Khushmeet Gill, the film sees the presence of the veteran actors like Rajesh Puri, Sushmita Mukherjee.

Direction, Music :-

Amole Gupte’s direction isn’t bad, but it isn’t anywhere close to what it was in Stanley Ka Dabba (2011) or even, Hawaa Hawaai (2014). His previous films did have a social message, which is something you so look forward to in a children’s film, however, Sniff is made for pure entertainment.

Also, when in the second half you see that the film turns into a detective film, you expect Amole Gupte to do justice to the genre by keeping the thrill intact. But that doesn’t happen in even a single frame of the film. Even when the climax comes, you as an audience have already predicated the end. So, it kills your thrill of knowing what the detective mind of Sunny Gill has to find out.

The film’s music is very average. Neither it elevates the film, nor it dampens the film.


With a stronger sub-plot, this would have been a sweet, wholesome affair. The film has the ability to fly, but strangely decides to walk.

Official Trailer :-

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